About Sandcreation

Sandcreation: Elevating Events with Artistry in Sand

Sandcreation stands as a unique company, masterfully crafting displays in sand that transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Whether it’s interactive lessons, team-building events, lively parties, vibrant festivals, or grand-scale productions, Sandcreation injects that essential “wow factor” into every occasion. The stunning photographs captured in front of our sand sculptures and shared across various social media platforms bear testimony to the visual impact we bring to events.

Founded in 2017 by Matthew Deibert, a native of Atlantic City, NJ – the birthplace of professional sand sculpting – Sandcreation is a testament to Matthew’s decades-long dedication to the art of sand sculpting. As a world champion sand sculptor and professional sand artist since 2000, Matthew has been shaping works of art from sand for all types of events. His passion extends beyond the art itself; he thrives on the performance aspect of sand sculpting, engaging audiences in the creation process and entertaining them with his expertise.

In addition to his sand sculpting endeavors, Matthew is pursuing a BA in sculpture at Stockton University, building on his previous BA in graphic design from Mercyhurst University. His extensive 23-year career as a retired professional firefighter, with advanced rescue training and a stint as an acting Battalion Chief, brings a unique skill set to the world of sand sculpting.

Sandcreation is a family affair, with Matthew’s six children actively involved. Ian, Matthew Jr. and Liam have been carving and competing alongside their father for the past decade. The company has left its artistic imprint around the globe, participating in international competitions and earning accolades, including winning the World Championships and contributing to events like the 60th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France.

The Sand Wars competition, aired on the Travel Channel, showcased the tenacity and skill of Matthew and his oldest son Ian, culminating in them being crowned victors and pushing the plunger to detonate their own sculpture. It’s a vivid reminder that, in the world of sand sculpting, every creation is temporary, returning to the beach through natural forces or planned demolitions.

Sandcreation was conceived with the mission of being the extra-special touch that adds a “wow factor” to every event – whether as the cherry on top or the main attraction. We invite you to envision the magic of a Sandcreation at your event, leaving an indelible mark and creating memories that last a lifetime.